TOP AGENT MAGAZINE When it comes to the real estate market, long-time Providence native Jim DeRentis knows that it's best to engage each and every new listing with a full service approach. The Metro Providence area is a marketplace that Jim  is expertly grounded in. With a passion for real estate, a keen eyes for marketing and a "powerhouse skill-set to the Providence real estate market", Jim shares his winning business approach in Top Agent Magazine's August edition. The power of branding can either "make it or break it" for agents. A simple logo or Zillow listing doesn't necessarily mean that it will translate to a strong communication with clients and potential buyer/sellers. It takes much more than that.  Strong and effective real estate branding is comprised of knowledge of the market, high-level customer service, on-point messaging, and strong identity. With 25 years in the banking industry and years of buying, selling and development--Jim proposes  every property recommendation with current market data analysis. He knows that real estate is a huge investment for his clients, so his recommendations are fully supported by data. "For most people, this is the biggest asset they have--their biggest investment--and as such, these properties deserve to be handled with a business-level approach." When Jim is approached with a potential client, he addresses the initial consultation as if the property were his own.   Clients are looking for high-level customer service--they want to know that they don't need to micro-manage the agent. Customer service is huge in real estate, especially when it comes to making one of the biggest decisions of your life. How does Jim translate his extensive knowledge and service into his branding? Hint: Messaging. "I try to make sure my listings stand apart from all other listings in the market," he says in Top Agent. This comes in many forms, such as client reviews, online marketing, print advertisement, and so on. Simply put: Messaging is more than just writing a Facebook post. checklist-mdThe strongest information an agent can communicate to his or her clients is who they are, what they can do, and the numbers to back it up. It's the whole package. Think about it: If your looking to market your home to prospective buyers, you'd probably want to work with an agent who strongly focuses on marketing. First impressions  are important, and they gain trust.

I spend a great deal of time marketing and preparing properties. I maintain a strong internet video presence, and engage in targeted print advertisement as well. It's really about the presentation of the product to the marketplace."

What makes brands unique and memorable is a strong identity and an understanding of Marketing 101. Jim's strong  list of clientele and business practices have earned him two consecutive Platinum Plus Awards for a combined sales of $40 million in 2011-2012. This comes in addition to closing $30 million in volume each year. So how do we string best practices with a winning sales record into a complete branding package? Marketing your skill set and real estate know-how into your brand. Read Top Agent Magazine's August issue here.


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