Unknown-1 Now that Spring has officially Sprung, it is best that sellers take advantage of the longer days, warmer weather, and brighter sunlight. Why? Because potential home buyers most certainly do. And you can use that to your advantage. This season offers the best time to buy or sell a house as sales usually peak in the Spring. Buyers are anxious to start fresh and are more likely to commit to full price. So if you're ready to put your home on the market, make sure to use light to maximize the value and marketability of your listing. Here are a few tips: 1. Natural Sunlight-This cannot be more straightforward or clear. Natural sunshine is free, and probably the easiest way to brighten up any room. If you have large windows, you're golden! So to speak… 2. Mirrors-Not only do mirrors make the room appear to be larger, but it'll bounce off any light in the room. If you don't have large windows and only have lamps, keep your doors open and let a mirror do its wonders. 3. Be Strategic-A house isn't going to sell itself. Unfortunately, many sellers think that their home is of higher value than it actually is, and then end up waiting and waiting for the perfect buyer to see what they see in their home. Well, when putting your home on the market, you are entirely responsible for its marketability (with the help of a great agent of course). Strategically use LIGHT to highlight your favorite decor accents.  Direct their focus away from your old sofa or stain on the carpet to something more visually appealing. 4. Out with the old, in with the chic-If you are going to resort to more lamps, use attractive ones. Replace the creepily hanging single lightbulb in the kitchen with a beautiful chandelier. The quality of your lighting does reflect, or at least insinuate, the level of home care you've put into your home. It's one of the easiest and fastest piece of decor to upgrade your home's appearance. When preparing your home for the market, use lighting to your advantage. Showcase the springtime flair in your own home. Not only does it make you look optimistic and cheerful, but it shows that your home is inviting as well. Who doesn't want that?


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