aTurboCamera This is actually really exciting news. The city of Providence will be the FIRST city to implement a  Block by Block’s SMART System, a database-driven system specifically designed for  downtown district management. What does it do exactly? Well, have you ever noticed a pothole in the middle of the road and wonder if anyone's ever going to fix it? Or worse, ever wonder if the city even noticed it?  According to an article on,  safe team leaders and DID staff will be able to create a work order by email to request a public repair or maintenance. They would simply log into the app and provide its exact location with a photo and a description. Not only that, but they are able to use a tracker to check in on the process, just like FedEx or Dominos Pizza. So the next time a team leader notices a pothole, some graffiti, or a street that needs snow removal, they will simple create a work order for it and voila!  Downtown Providence will be the first city to use this program, but other communities are expected to roll out in 2013. Not only will this program save time and PAPER, but it will also improve record keeping.“The ambassadors have become experts at using the system, and it’s making them more accountable for their work. It’s providing better, more detailed information, and it’s easy to operate on the street. We appreciate its simplicity and effectiveness,” said DID Operations Manager, Frank Zammarelli. *The only drawback is that the public doesn't have access to this app. However, another app called SeeClickFix  can be used by everyone to report non-emergency issues around the neighborhood. SeeClickFix allows you to report the pot holes yourself while also creating a sense of empowerment.


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