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We  had the great opportunity to chat with co-president of Kreatelier,  Pernilla Frazier, as she  spoke about  local happenings around the neighborhood, her role as co-director of the Hope Street Merchants Association, and why she found Providence to be the ideal place for her creative entrepreneurial ventures.

Markham DeRentis: I hear that you're originally from Europe. What inspired you to move to Providence? Pernilla: "I'm originally from Sweden and my business partner, Line Daems, is from Belgium. I've lived in the U.S for 17 years, and decided to move to Providence once my husband and I started a family. We knew that this city would be great for our family and the Hope Street/Summit neighborhood, in particular,  would be great for business." MD: In what way is  this neighborhood  great for business? P: "Well, I've been in the Hope St. area for six years and I really like it. It's a neighborhood where people shop, eat (and play). It's very pedestrian-friendly, very urban but also residential.  The best bakery in Rhode Island (that is, Seven Stars Bakery) is steps away from our business.  The area also hosts the biggest farmer's market in Providence from May through September. In short, the area  is quirky and very residential, which is an added advantage." MD: Quirky. That's an interesting word to describe the Hope Street/Summit neighborhood!  P: "Yes, it's like  the Brooklyn of Providence, kind of edgy, a place where people live and eat, walk. There's also  a lot of very affordable houses, starter homes, young families pushing for change.  The neighborhood is up-and-coming and it's diverse...not fancy but it's grown into it. It's just a fun neighborhood, really active merchants association (and I'm the head of the group along with Kreatelier's other co-owner,  Line Daems)." MD: Can you tell us more about the Hope Street Merchants Association? P: "The Hope Street Merchants Association is comprised of 30+ local businesses and non-profits located on and around Hope Street on Providence’s East Side.
Our mission is to  provide useful and important information to businesses, to create opportunities for members to better market their products and services, to organize community friendly street festivals and other events, and to beautify the neighborhood.
The association puts on three big festivals every year with a diverse group of merchants, restaurants, and food stores. This past Spring event, we had over 5000 attendants.  Really fantastic. We also  work closely with the Summit Neighborhood Association, which is  geared specifically for neighborhood residents. In the fall, Cyclovia is an event collaboratively organized by the city, the Hope Street Merchants Association, and Miriam Hospital. It's a car-free street festival that offers all social activities related to bicycling and health-oriented activities, such as bike clinics where people can get their bikes fixed   for free. You should check it out." MD: You've worked with Markham + DeRentis before on a few home design projects. Can you tell us a bit more about that? And  if you could describe your relationship with Markham + DeRentis in one word, what would it be?  P: "Collaboration. Kreaterlier is textile-based business and a few of our primary areas of expertise are window treatments and  upholstery. Jim saw the work we have done and  loved it. He attributed our window treatments as a big part of a past sale--said it sold in "no time"." MD: Last question, what do you enjoy about having  your business located in Providence? P: "One of the finest things of working in Providence is the word of mouth. Jim also appreciates that. Clients find you for the right reasons. They come to Jim because people have heard of him."

A little about Kreatelier:

storefront_edited-2 Kreatelier is an independently-owned retail store offering locally-made textile products such as quilts, headbands and reusable gift wraps.  In addition to its crafts,  Kreatelier offers sewing workshops but also  window treatments and interior accents.    It's  been open since 2008  and continues to be one of Providence's most charming craft stores. Stop by Kreatelier at  804 Hope Street in the East Side of Providence. Phone: 401.432.7995 E-mail: [email protected]


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