gail-drury-blue-bath-tile_lg Does the color yellow make you feel optimistic, or cheerful? Many would say that it does. But did you know that when the color yellow is applied as a wall paint color, it is often associated with making people more likely to lose their tempers, or even worse, make babies cry? Color has long been associated with affecting mood, emotion and behavior. The great thing about color theory is that you can channel different moods around the house with different colors. For instance, red is best used as an accent color, rather than on the walls. Professional decorators use red for furniture accents as it attracts attention. When selecting which colors to implement throughout the home, it's important to note that color affects people differently. With this in mind, we have chosen the top colors to best use in different rooms around the house. As a general rule of thumb, it's best to start with the living room area and then work your way out. Also, don't be afraid to combine colors around each room, injecting too much of a bright color in any room can be overwhelming. Room: Living Room Color: Soft green or lavendar/grey. These tones promote relaxation and comfort. Room: Kitchen or Dining Room Color: Red is a color used to stimulate, and in this case, it helps stimulate appetite. Use red as an accent color around the kitchen, rather than a main focus color. Not only will it tie in the entire room, but the space will feel exciting (which is great for entertaining). Room: Home Office Color: Blue, this color is ideal for concentrating, especially on numbers. Also, green is an alternative choice for personal management and contemplation. Room: Bedroom Color: Earth tones or serene colors, technically any color you see in nature, invoke a feeling of peace and relaxation. We suggest muted colors of beige, sage green, sky blue, orange or light grey. Room: Bathroom (especially small ones) Color: Cool, rich or deep colors are relaxing, so try metallic blue for a fresh, clean bathroom look.


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