CityKitty_Header This month we spoke with local business owner and good friend, Dr. Cathy Lund of City Kitty, a local veterinarian who focuses primarily on feline care in the area. Dr. Lund began her career in Providence upon completion of an  internship at The Cat Practice, in New York City in 1986. It was at this time that she realized her adoration and love for cats would ultimately become the focus of her veterinary clinic. Located in Providence's Jewelry District on 18 Imperial Place, City Kitty provides a very specialized list of services for feline patients, ranging from dental and surgical procedures, to routine care for kitten's first year, adult to senior cat care. If you're wondering what inspired Dr. Lund to open her business in Providence, she would tell you that there are advantages to living in small state like ours. For instance, Dr. Lund founded the Companion Animal Foundation  to help low-income families in Rhode Island  afford medical care for their pets,  which was established in 2004 by the Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Lund believes that  our state is small enough that it could be managed by volunteers and grow to be the largest assistance program in the state.   It is the only veterinary-based program of its kind in the country, and Dr. Lund received a national award for her work in creating it. When asked what her thoughts were on the hurdles of having a small business, Dr. Lund said that good service and customer relations are key to setting yourself apart. "Just do it well and do it better," she states. But most importantly, be unique. "The arts is a natural fit. Businesses that aren’t traditional have a higher chance of success in Rhode Island, and we aren’t traditional or suburban".

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Cathy Lund, Providence's cat-specialized Veteranarian Dr. Cathy Lund, DVM City Kitty 18 Imperial Place Providence, RI 02903 401-831-6369


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