Long-time friend and client, Blythe Penna, shares her story on how moving to the East Side has helped take her love for dog caring to an entirely new level, by  creating a business of her own. Originally from South Carolina, Blythe cherishes the close-knit community that the East Side offers, especially to those who value the comforts of urban living in a suburban setting.  "There's an intimate support structure here,  a sense of community, and I've lived all over the country".  By frequenting the local dog park, Blythe began creating great friendships with her local community, ultimately serving as a  starting point for her client base.  From then on, the development of these special friendships arose a lucrative business.
"I started this business because I wanted to work with my dog," explains Blythe.
Ruffin' Wranglers, allows dogs to play uninhibitedly off-leash in a natural setting for a full hour and a half. Most importantly, her ranch provides the opportunity for dogs to socialize with other dogs. As Blythe can fully attest to, urban living makes it difficult for dog-owners to find the time (and space) to let their pets exercise and run freely.  "I love dogs and I saw an enormous need for dogs living in the city to be exercised. They need to be in nature, off leash to get the proper amount." Ruffin' Wranglers makes it easier for owners by personally picking up and dropping your canine to your home at the end of each session. Located in Rehoboth, MA, Ruffin' Wranglers serves Providence's East Side, downtown, Rumford and Barrington. Each excursion costs $25 and there is a full day option available for $38, which is 9:30 to 3:30. This is where you'll find dog paradise, a lush pastoral ranch composed of walking trails, small streams and an open field for dogs to run freely. So give your dogs the ultimate treat by providing them  an escape too. dog


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