10 Home Design Trends That Are "Out" This Year

By mdblog - September 25, 2017
edison bulbs Whether you are looking to remodel your home or update it before selling, staying on top of the latest design trends is a great way to get fresh ideas. However, trends come and go, and so it’s important also to understand what’s gone out of style before spending money. Here are ten design trends that are fading fast in 2017:
  1. Edison Bulbs

    What started as a fun industrial look in hipster coffee shops, quickly became the “it” home decor lighting. However, these bulbs saturated the market quickly and lost their novelty once they were in nearly every home.
  2. Stainless Steel

    Speaking of modern looks, stainless steel kitchens became the hot ticket in the 2000s. They are highly functional and ideal for people who loved cooking. However, the downside is they make kitchens look very cold and uninviting, the last thing you want your kitchen to be.
  3. Chevron Pattern

    Chevron was a great pattern because it matched every style. However, like all home design patterns, it isn’t aging well at all. So skip the chevron patterns in your update.
  4. Grey Paint

    Lauded as the new neutral to replace the prevalence of various shades of beige, grey was overused. Entire homes of grey walls and white moldings became so ubiquitous that we’re all just tired of seeing it.
  5. Oversized Furniture

    Once the hot item to fill the cavernous spaces of McMansions, oversized furniture has seen its time come and go. Americans are very mobile and large furniture is just impractical if you are moving, so they’ve fallen out of fashion.
  6. Fake MidCentury Modern

    The mid-century offered some of the greatest furniture designers in history. Carefully curated collector pieces will always be in style, however filling a whole room with knock-offs is out.
  7. Shiplap

    An HGTV designer and DIY favorite, shiplap brought a rustic feel to any room. Easy to install and to add architectural interest, this trend was everywhere. However, shiplap is quickly becoming the 1970s wood paneling of the 2010s.
  8. Carrara Marble

    When a new look hits and everyone adopts it quickly, it’s not long for the world. Carrara marble was the design choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s still beautiful, but the high maintenance has people quickly moving away from it.
  9. Copper

    Unlike gold, silver, and pewter, copper just does not have the timeless feel of other metallics. Copper hit strongly in the last few years, but homeowners are already tired of it, opting for more classic metal fixtures.
  10. Large Letters

    Large letters filled empty shelves, hung on walls, and spelled out really on the nose messaging about the space. Large letters were once a fun novelty, but are now just kitsch like porcelain figurines and collections of mini spoons.
When you’re ready to update your home, ditch these trends and look for something that will be more lasting, like these timeless trends HGTV put together. Staying on top of the latest design trends will help you keep your home looking sharp and make it easier to sell when the time comes.


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